The Goal of Preparation is Continuity!

We live in the Country with the highest standard of living. We’ve inherited all the perks that come simply by being an American; –  Freedom, Opportunity, Education, Expectation, etc…   Until now  –  but “Things that can’t go on forever….. Don’t”       Stein

The goal of preparation is Continuity – the continuation of the lifestyle and the perks that we’ve come to be accustomed to. The better Prepared you are for the Disasters that lie ahead in your life, the less that you’ll be affected by those events. Loose your job because of the economy – no problem if you’ve got savings and food storage, Natural disasters that force you to leave your home – a little problem if you’ve got a plan to move quickly and take your 20%, Chaos in the streets, civil unrest – less of a problem if you have a place to go and the ability to get there.

WTSHTF you’ll be Prepared or you’ll be depending on those who are Prepared!

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Fastest way to become an Expert!

  1. Find someone who is an Expert, ask them to Mentor You
  2. Work Your butt off, Dedicate Yourself and ask Questions!

I have a brother in law, “D”, who wanted to get out his job at the steel mill where he worked. He hated his job with a passion because it was hot, dangerous and STRESSFUL! His father, a contractor, told “D” that he could wire the homes he built if “D” could do it right and pass inspection as required by local ordinance.

“D” asked me if I would teach him how to wire these homes by helping him do a dozen or two, I agreed. We worked nights and weekends on these projects in order to work around his Mill schedule. I have never seen someone who devoured the information and worked so hard to develop the skills and knowledge one needs to be a good electrician…. It only took 3 houses and then a few phone calls to turn this guy from a know nothing to a Damn Good Electrician!

Desire, a Plan and Massive Action will do it every time… and if it doesn’t;  A Gut Check, a Better Plan and More Massive Action will be the solution… and if it doesn’t, Repeat until it does!

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